Catalyst Recruiting is an executive search / technical recruiting company working in placing top-notch talent with companies working in manufacturing within a value-chain of raw materials to specialty manufactured parts. 

We are a small company with the flexibility to work with first both large and small globally.

Our advantages:

  • Three experienced recruiters  with both recruiting and "real world" experience in technical and marketing/HR work.
  • Experience globally 
  • Network of a select team of other recruiters/recruiting companies to allow us to serve out customers in diverse locations and business focus 

A recruiting company is not a machine! We are people. Here is a bit about us....

We treat all of our candidates with confidentiality and respect... 

Who we are

Geographic areas we cover

how we work with Candidates

How we work with clients

Types of positions we fill

We strive to provide out clients with candidates that will become part of their team long term.... 

Catalyst Recruiting has placed people all over the world.  Some of what we have done...

Here is a representative listing of positions we fill

Catalyst Recruiting, Inc

Executive Search Chemicals, Raw Materials, Aerospace Materials, Engineering Jobs

Some general business notes:

1. To other recruiters out there: We are happy to consider working together with you! But please contact us first. We will not consider splitting fees or otherwise paying you without prior agreement . Do not               send a resume to us with any assumption or hope that we will pay you without prior arrangement!​
2.  We will be ethical recruiters and decent human beings!  However, we are only responsible for our own behavior. We will try, as best we can, to ensure that our clients, the ones we work for and that actually           have the job openings, work according to ethics and laws.  But we cannot be certain this will be the case.
3.  We are generally paid by a client company/entity. We do not accept payment from a candidate/potential candidate for a job opening we are representing. Getting paid from "both sides" is unethical! 
     Any questions, please call or email: