Aerospace and Precision Machining Positions

All of these positions REQUIRE U.S. citizenship or residency (green card). There are no exceptions unless noted. Most positions ITAR. 

A set of manufacturing plants in Santa Ana, California undergoing an expansion

EHS Manager, Santa Ana: This is for an experienced manager with a primary focus on safety, less on environmental and hygiene.  A precision aircraft parts machining operation, part of a global company.  

Design Engineering Manager, Santa Ana: a senior engineer able to design aircraft parts for OEMs and tier 1 manufacturers given sets of specs.  Solidworks-based position; highly applied. 

Production Supervisor (engineer), Santa Ana: a degreed engineer that will managed an entire section of the machining operation. Supervise personnel, production, etc.  Extremely hands-on position working with people, manufacturing and production engineering. 


Production Supervisors (nights and weekends), Arlington, Texas: A precision machining operation (significant amount of aerospace work) need both a night and a weekend production supervisor. Necessary to have at least some CNC/machining experience plus some supervisory experience (that is the most important)

CNC Maintenance Mechanic, Arlington, Texas: specialized person/specialized position. Basically able to troubleshoot a CNC, take it apart and put it working shape!  ,

Minerals, Materials and Cement

Prefer U.S. citizen/residents (EAD/DACA fine); some TN/NAFTA or H1B transfers (politics is making this challenging now...). 

These positions are in industrial minerals, cement manufacturing and related. Chemicals positions are below. And there is overlap...

Maintenance Manager, Macon, Georgia: Experienced maintenance manager for a minerals/specialty materials plant about 45 minutes from Macon.  Must have a significant amount of maintenance management experience! Relocation available. 

Process Engineer, Macon, Georgia: Moderately experienced process engineer, prefer minerals, paper, dry-type materials processing. Degree and formal continuous improvement, six-sigma  or similar training and experience required 

Assistant Plant Manager, Northern Tennessee: Work under the current plant manager, who is retiring, and earn the position of plant manager. Minerals type plant. Needs significant management and some minerals/paper, etc, experience. Must be degreed. 

Automation and Electrical supervisors/engineers: There are several positions in minerals and cement. Some need degrees, all need significant experience in industrial, preferably analogous industries. Commonly: TX, GA, NM, SD, CO, OK +/- others. 

Maintenance Supervisors/engineers:  There are several positions in minerals and cement. Some need degrees; all need significant experience in industrial, preferably analogous industries. Commonly:TX, OK, and then scattered about.  


Here are some of our available position. This changes rapidly. We try to keep at the least a brief statement of the position, if not a full description. If you have questions, please email:  You can also email to  Either will go to a human! 

Catalyst Recruiting, Inc

Executive Search Chemicals, Raw Materials, Aerospace Materials, Engineering Jobs


U.S. citizens or residents. EAD (DACA) is also acceptable. We can ask if TN/NAFTA will work. We have been advised that these positions will not support H1b or OPT visa. 

Manufacturing Manager, near Wilmington, DE/Philadelphia: Essentially plant manager for a good sized specialty chemical plant.  Quite an amazing position....over 25 direct reports and many indirect. 

Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer (automation), near LaPlace, Louisiana: Engineer with mix of automation (PLC, DCS, etc) and in-plant electrical (motors, drops, drives, etc). A lot of project management as well as in-plant. 

Production Manager, Baton Rouge, Louisiana: manage production in a specialty chemical plant. For a chem-e with plenty of experience. 

Turnaround Manager, Baton Rouge, Louisiana: manage multiple turnaround projects in a multi-unit chemical operation. This is a full-time/regular spot. There are always turnarounds happening, being planned, etc. 

Automation/Controls engineer: South of Columbus, OH: senior automation engineer for a specialty chemicals plant. Extremely interesting position with a stable company. Relocation paid.