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Environmental Health and Safety Manager - Garden Grove, CA

Operation is metal parts machining, coating, assembly based – so someone that understands the issues faced by a machining/fabrication/welding, etc, operation in California!

Push forward a sustainable and adaptable EHS program that the entire operation can rely upon. Position reports to a regional EHS director off-site

This is a position requiring independence and drive to build a program for a corporate center of excellence:

Position manages programs, projects, budgets and personnel


  • OSHA  + CAL-OSHA compliance work (manufacturing)
  • Internal working with/keeping metrics, programs, etc
  • Cultural safety awareness throughout organization


  • Permitting – air/emissions, NPDES, stormwater
  • Air/emissions – minimize, BACT, etc
  • Hazardous materials and west programs
  • Work with internal engineers, techs, operations, etc
  • Significant work with local/regional and EPA regulators

Health: integrated health and exposure program to work throughout the EHS and ops system

  • Engineer-out or similar problems – not just enforce!
  • Industrial/manufacturing operation, not consulting!
  • There is a lot more! But you can explain to me how you work within a manufacturing environment to make sure everyone goes home at the end of the day in one piece, the environment is a tiny bit better than before….and the regulators don’t cause heartburn.


U.S. Citizenship or Residency. No visas of any kind acceptable.
4-year degree+
Over 5 years of work in managing safety/enviro managing systems, etc
Over 5 years in manufacturing, management, etc

As many as possible: CEP, NREP, CSP, ASP, OSHA  cert, etc

Compensation is commensurate with experience – but over $110k, bonus, etc.