Chemical Industry 

Senior Project Manager: Richmond, VA. Global chemical company needs a senior project manager to manage projects, project managers, teams, etc. Senior spot. 

Quality Control Engineer: Columbus, OH.  Large chemical operation needs a chemical engineer/chemist/similar to be over quality engineering in an area.  Over product quality, error cause analysis, process improvement work, etc. 5+ yrs

Technical Manager: Columbus, OH  Large expanding chemical plant needs a technical manager. This person leads operational excellence,, overall process improvement, engineering and similar efforts. Ideally advanced degree, black belt, etc. Over $110k

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​​​​​​Aerospace/Similar Precision Manufacturing

For all positions in this section: Candidate MUST have U.S. citizenship or residency. No exceptions. 

Continuous Improvement Engineer -Santa Ana, CA:    A global aerospace  parts manufacturing company needs a CI engineer for their specialized manufacturing facility.  Metal parts - with multiple precision manufacturing operations (more than I can describe here!).  Minimally 3-5 years of experience with machining/similar.  Must have a degree.  Something like experience in machining is handy.

Production Supervisor/Engineer - Santa Ana, CA.  A Global aerospace manufacturing company needs a couple of production supervisors.  This diverse operation makes metal parts, sub-assemblies and some composites sub-assemblies for multiple commercial and military customers. Experience in supervision of a crew or other technical people is a huge help.  Quite hands-on.  3-8 years of experience needed,  hopefully in machining-involved engineering or similar.  

Quality Engineer - Arlington, TX.  A Global aerospace and precision manufacturing company needs a quality engineer to supervise manufacturing and product quality at one of their Arlington facilities. The operation operates under AS9100 guidelines. The operations is primarily machining and assembly of aircraft parts.  Person must have experience in quality in a metals parts-type manufacturing operation but does not need to have AS9100 experience.  The position mid-senior level.  So *+ years of experience in quality.  Degree is VERY strongly desired or quite a bit of experience. 

Engineering Manager - Arlington, TX:    A global aerospace  parts manufacturing company needs a manufacturing engineer to manae their process, production and continuous improvement program as engineering manager. The position reports to the technical director. Manage process engineers, continuous improvement program (with engineers), production engineers.  Exciting position with an expanding global company.  

Minerals Industry/Similar

(unless otherwise noted, all positions require U.S. citizenship/residency. If needed there is at least some relocation allowance). 

Maintenance Manager - Sandersville, GA: Classic maintenance manager position for a global minerals company.  A moderatly older mid-sized minerals processing plant is undergoing a signficant captial improvement program. With this is the implemenation of a new maintnance program (TPM - RCM at some point) with a new CMMS.  Classic rotating equipment, sizing, grinding, materials transport, rotary kiln/drier and similar.  Excellent corporate backing in CAPEX, engineering, personnel. 

Knowledge of minerals, paper, lime, cement or aggregate/sand will be great! 

Prefer four year degree, at least10 years of experience. 

Continuous Improvement/process Engineer - Sandersville, GA: a global minerals company needs a minerals processing or simliar engineer for their minerals plant. As part of a capital improvement program, the company is putting a formal continuous improvement program in and needs a good process engineer to help do it! 

Minerals processing, chemical, mechanical or similar engineering degree plus some six-sigma, Lean, 5s, etc, needed. 

Will lead to a more senior spot at the plant, a nearby plant or one of hundreds of other plants and engineering offices around the world. 

Production Manager - Near Martin, TN: A global minerals company needs a production manager for their operation in rural TN.  The site is about 2 hours from Memphis near Martin.  The current plant manager is retiruing in 2019 and needs a replacement. 

The person needs expereince in maintenance in a plant with rotating equipment, processing, hopefully minerals or paper.  The position will rapidly expand into production then plant management.