Minerals Industry/Similar

Minerals Processing Engineer - Birmingham, UK, Pilot/lab and onsite testwork primarily in flotation-based processing. Global.  p14

Minerals Processing Engineer - Mannheim, Germany, Same as above . Global.. p14

Plant Manager - New York.  Manager of a minerals/chemicals plant in upstate NY near Burlington, VT p15

Maintenance Manager, upstate NY: Manage the maintenance program of a mineral/chemical plant   


Aerospace/Similar Manufacturing

Manufacturing Engineers, KS, OK, TX,  - 2-5 years experience, Engineering degree, U.S. citizen, machining/cnc industrial p1

Quality Engineer/Quality Manager, Dallas, TX,5-12 years experience, MUST have AS9100, degree, U.S. citizen, CNC/industrial p2

Quality manager, Tulsa, OK - at least 5-12 years experience, MUST have plating and NADCAP, degree, U.S. citizen p3

Product manager, Wichita, KS,  3-5 years experience, industrial or similar engineering, U.S. citizen, CNC/machining. Some aerospace needed p4

Program Manager, Santa Clarita, CA: 3-8 years experience, degree needed, aerospace, US Citizen, CNC/machining p5

Production Engineer / Supervisor, Wichita, KS, 4-15 years, degree preferred, U.S. citizen, must know product mgt and CNC mfgp6

Open Positions

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Executive Search in Raw Materials, Chemicals and Specialty Aerospace Industries

Heavy Manufacturing - other

 Automation maintenance Supervisor - heavy industry, St Paul, MN. Electrical maintenance "shop" in a heavy industrial operation ​p12

Chemical Industry 

Plant production manager - Syracuse, NY, small chemical plant, BSME or Chem-E, CMMS/reliability, etc, hazardous  liquids p7

HSE Manager  -  San Francisco, Chemical Company. Focus on safety with secondary Env and PSM.  p8

Plant ops manager - Riverton, WY. Run the ops/production side of a small chem plant near the Tetons! Chem-e, 10+ yrs  p9

Plant production Manager, Tulsa, OK  Responsible for production in a small chem plant. chem-e with 10+ years. p 10

Chemical Engineers, Baltimore, MD, mid-sized chemical company, Chem-E, 5-9 yrs, inorganic specialty chem, in-plant, process, no visas.  Two positions: 5-8 yrs and 8-15+ yrs p11

National marketing manager, Atlanta, GA. Large chemical company. Marketing additives to polymers, elastomers, adhesives, etc. 10+ years p13