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Turnaround Manager - Houston, TX Location:  

This is a complicated, challenging position. I was thinking if you need to read it, you likely aren't a turnaround manager. But...I have the text, so here it is! 

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Newly created position. Company is getting away from contracting out their TA’s and going to hire a TA Manager to build his/her own internal team. Responsible for the safe and efficient planning, scheduling, cost control, execution, follow-up and documentation of the Gulf Coast turnarounds. Coordinates the TARs onsite from front-end loading thru execution phases, as well as post-TAR identification of, and action on, lessons learned. Accountable for leading the TAR team to achieve defined milestones around safety, environmental, outage duration, cost, and driving continual improvement in our TAR processes. Accountable to deliver the goals and objectives of the TAR (i.e., safety, environmental, cost, schedule, and unit performance optimization) through the development, budgeting, and execution of TAR projects, leading a team of in-house and contract personnel, as well as to create, document, and continually improve TAR processes. Will develop and maintain an effectively trained and motivated team of individuals with technical expertise to handle TAR planning, scheduling, cost monitoring, and field execution. Requires commitment to learning, following and practicing Principles of Process and Behavioral Safety as applicable to the position. In addition to understanding and applying the principles, this role will:Champion the Principles and Life Saving Rules, ensuring the understanding and application of these principles and other SHE policies and procedures within their team. Promote team involvement and personally demonstrate SHE behaviors to complete safety observations, audits, near miss reporting, housekeeping, and review of others’ safety incidents and near misses.Proactively engage contractors to ensure they understand safety expectations and any issues are dealt with promptly.Ensure safety and environmental incidents are properly reported and followed-up, as needed.Lead incident investigations to identify root causes and corrective recommendations to prevent reoccurrence.Participate and/or support team member’s participation in incident investigations, Management of Change, Process Hazard Analysis/LOPA. Maintain the management of change system on the impacted unit(s). The tasks for doing this include performance of PHA, updating of required drawings and records and final documentation of project changes. Ensure technical resolution of all resultant recommendations from major unit HAZOP studies and other safety audits. Support integrity management. Scheduling and planning of Preventative Maintenance. Review task list to ensure proper maintenance in accordance with manufacture’s recommendations and best engineering/maintenance practices. Ensure adherence to all Maintenance procedures. Ensure TAR responsibilities support and are consistent with ISO 9002 and ISO 14001 certification objectives for the Gulf Coast.Plan, staff, and manage the labor & other resources under turnaround/shutdown conditions (short timetable, multiple shifts, etc.). This requires knowledge obtained from industry experience in positions such as Capital Project Manager, Maintenance Superintendent/ Manager, or other TAR roles. Must properly manage and segregate capital project work from maintenance activities. Lead time for identifying the scope of work, ordering materials, and securing manpower is typically at least a year prior to execution.Determine project development and execution strategies, including a contracting plan and materials management plan. Collaborate with Purchasing to develop the material procurement and contracting strategies. Develop and maintain effective relationships with key suppliers of parts, services, and labor.Obtain support for materials and contracting plans from Maintenance Superintendent and Operations Manager.Develop standardized processes and templates for such plans that can be re-used or modified. Capture learnings from each outage and adapt the templates to incorporate the insights and foster continuous improvement. Assure integration of Operation shut down activities, TAR mechanical work, additional capital projects and start-up activities into a master schedule at the scope definition stage. During execution, coordinate with the TAR scheduler(s) and planners to ensure there is one consolidated TAR schedule with all operations, maintenance, and projects tasks. Develop a TAR milestone chart for each outage and monitor progress during pre-TAR, TAR execution, and post-TAR. If issues arise, facilitate resolution in a timely manner.Supervise TAR Field Coordinator, and along with the Coordinator, oversee management of field construction operations and start-up. Ensure contract supervisors are effectively managing their personnel to execute work safely and minimize downtime. Help facilitate coordination of subcontractors work with the contractors’ resources. Build long-term relationships with external organizations such as TAR planning & scheduling companies, exchanger pulling/cleaning, tower work contractors, etc. to attain business objectives. Leverage potential to bid for two consecutive turnaround-years. Maximize use of alliances to benefit company.Coordinate with Maintenance and Capital Projects to minimize impact of TAR on routine maintenance work.Optimize effective management of materials procured for TAR. Jointly responsible with Operations to stay within TAR budget and meet TAR milestones.Assure basic work process discipline and drive process improvements within the Gulf Coast. This includes maintaining a master worklist, facilitating scope collection, establishing and maintaining scope prioritization criteria, and championing scope change process.Manage, document, and approve scope change orders with Shared Services Manager and Site Director. Scope management is critical to avoid cost overruns on TARs. Work with Commercial/ Business Team, Operations, Projects and Maintenance on business impacts and potential value of TAR timing flexibility. Develop and report on cost and TAR duration impact of schedule changes. (Depending on how close the timing is to the TAR, it may involve costs associated with contract changes and require a major effort to revise plans. (Costs need to be accurate to help make appropriate decisions). Work with site leadership to set challenging yet realistic TAR work hours, cost, and duration targets.Lead team to provide accurate up-front engineering and development of cost and schedule estimates for approved work scope including change orders. Interface with department leaders for effective turnaround Front End Loading and execution.During TAR execution, provide team oversight to monitor, communicate progress, and adjust plans if required daily. Provide daily updates to communicate to the site and/or management on 1) status, 2) progress, and 3) forecasting.Ensure TAR team tracks costs and provides monthly accruals to the Financial Group for outage expenditures.Facilitate periodic auditing of TAR cost settlements and communicate status to site leadership.Ensure creation and adherence to utilize effective TAR processes, capturing and integrating learnings, communication, and coordination across disciplines to support successful execution.Drive continuous improvement in TAR planning and execution capabilities. Develop TAR KPIs and utilize Cost Analyst to report KPIs on regular basis.Conduct TAR post-audits and lessons learned sessions. Make recommendations for TAR approach across SM sites to improve processes.Document pre-outage reviews of outage standard specifications for maintenance and construction work. Includes specifications concerning cathodic protection, inspection testing plans, lifting plans (weights of equipment to be lifted), environmental plans including waste disposal, design information on key equipment, drawings and P&IDs, welding specifications, test pressures, etc.Maintain and update of the unit(s) technical records including the establishment of new equipment files, the organization of relief valve specifications and calculations and the updating of training materials for the unit. With Business Team/Sales & Marketing, develop, publish, and communicate the multi-year TAR/Outage plan. Update, as needed, based on Operations and Marketing changes.B.S. Degree in Engineering (Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, or related) or Engineering Technology preferred. Minimum of 10 years of petrochemical or refinery experience in an Operations or Maintenance capacity. Minimum of 5 years of TAR experience preferred or integral participation in at least 4 major TARs ($5m or greater). Project management experience required. Supervisory experience of direct reports preferred.Type your paragraph here.