Catalyst Recruiting, Inc

Executive Search Chemicals, Raw Materials, Aerospace Materials, Engineering Jobs

The backbone of our work here at Catalyst Recruiting is with Candidates.

Here are a few things to expect:

  1. We will treat you with respect. Always
  2. We follow the law and the ethics of our business.
  3.  All information will be considered confidential. We will release your information to another party only if you explicitly agree. You never have to work about talking to us.
  4. If we do speak with you, expect follow-up. It may be good, bad or “I don’t know”. If we forget to get back to you, contact us. Usually email is best; we are on the phone a lot...
  5.  Keep this in mind: a recruiter basically is searching for candidates for a client. That is our job. A recruiter should NEVER ask for or receive compensation of any kind from a candidate! That is unethical and might be illegal.
  6. Feel free to network with us. Easiest is a “linkedin” join networks request. Top of this page. We will accept. 
  7. If you apply for a position and are not qualified for that position per what is written, you will likely be turned down. And there is nothing we can do about it. Even if it is lame…..we are not in charge!
  8. If you send in for a position and are not qualified (you should know from reading the description), do not expect a call back. We get too many responses from people to talk to all non-qualified people.

I’ll be putting more on a “blog” or “other information” tab soon. Perhaps it will be useful!

Eric Levy, Director, Catalyst Recruiting