Here is a bit about how we work with our clients

Catalyst Recruiting, Inc

Executive Search Chemicals, Raw Materials, Aerospace Materials, Engineering Jobs

At Catalyst Recruiting, we do some things like “regular” recruiters, some things in a unique way.

Our goal: to be a long-term resource for our clients in their talent and business goals. 

What makes us unique:

  1. Extensive first-person technical and managerial experience in minerals/chemicals processing and manufacturing.
  2. Small company that can move quickly and adapt to what a client needs
  3. Select network of outside recruiters; vastly increases the coverage we can provide both geographically and by industry


  • Discuss what you need. Then conference with or visits to sites if requested. We will work with you to bring you people that fit your company and management, not just people who have a resume that fits a description.
  • Full search:
  • Media, “cold calls”, our network, etc
  • Team-up with select other recruiters 
  • If a search turns out to be something we cannot do, we will try to find you another                  resource/recruiter to trust

Give a call or email – let’s explore our options!

Eric Levy, Director